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Financial Aid

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Policy Language

A formal appeal concerning the decision to deny approval for state grant eligibility may be filed by contacting the State Grants Supervisor in the Liberty University Financial Aid Office.  If the appeal is denied, the State Grants Supervisor will notify the student.

Policy Rationale

This is a State regulated policy that ensures there is an appeal process for the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant.

Definition of Glossary Terms

Grant: Financial aid from the federal or state government, which does not have to be paid back. Grants from the federal government are generally need-based. Grants from the state government are generally given to students attending an in-state school that is not state-funded.

Procedural Information


State Grant Appeals to the State Grants Supervisor may be submitted to:

State Grants Supervisor, Appeal
Liberty University Financial Aid Office

MSC Box 710282
1971 University Blvd.
Lynchburg, VA  24515
Fax: (434) 582-2053

If the student disputes the decision made by the State Grants Supervisor, the student may appeal to the State Council of Higher Education (SCHEV).  The student must submit a copy of the appeal and supporting documentation.

State Grant Appeals to the State Council of Higher Education (SCHEV) may be submitted to:

State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
Office of Student Financial Aid
2021-22 TAGP Appeals Committee
James Monroe Building
101 N 14th St.
Richmond, VA  23219

The state office will then request any additional information that is needed from the student.  The office will also contact the school and request any documentation the school may have received and an explanation of the denial.  They will ask for the school to email the following:

  • Copy of the VTAG application
  • Date student's application was received
  • Date the student started school
  • Date the student moved to Virginia
  • Dates of enrollment and number of attempted hours for each semester
  • Copy of denial letter
  • Any other documentation that pertains to the decision

The student may also submit a second appeal if they are denied by the first SCHEV Council at the state level.  The state may also ask the student for copies of:

  • Letter explaining the case for approval
  • Driver’s license, car registration, voter registration
  • Letter from employer, missionary agency, social workers, school officials, etc.
  • Copy of Virginia resident income taxes for parents, spouse, or student
  • Copy of federal taxes
  • Legal guardian documents
  • Ward of court documents
  • Custody documents
  • Copy of DD-214, LES, or Home of Record
  • Any other supporting documentation


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