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Policy Language

Employees who are not eligible to receive a portion of their CE benefits due to an unusual credit hour count, such as 5 hours, may appeal the denial of their eligibility for the first three credit hours of the five hour course, if eligible, and pay for the remaining two credit hours out-of-pocket. 

Policy Rationale

This policy was implemented by Human Resources to provide a means to employees for appealing the use of the continuing education benefit.

Definition of Glossary Terms

Continuing Education: Benefit provided by Liberty University to eligible employees that assists financially in the expansion of education credentials.

Procedural Information


The employee must submit an explanation of mitigating circumstances and additional pertinent documentation to:

Liberty University
Office of Human Resources
1971 University Blvd.
Lynchburg, VA 24515


Sanctions regarding the use of the Continuing Education benefit are outlined and maintained by Human Resources.



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