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Home: Institutional Effectiveness
Section: Administration


Unable to render {children}. Page not found: Institutional Effectiveness Documentation.

UAT Checklist

What to checkRequired?Correct Value Appropriate fix


1Policy Name(tick)Name is correct
(may not match page name)
Fill in blank
2Policy ID(tick)Specified correctlyFill in blank
3Policy development status(tick)DefinedAdd comment to specify correct location
4Policy Area(tick)Selected correctlySelect correct values
5Policy Applies To(tick)Selected correctlySelect correct values
6Action Being Taken(tick)Selected correctlySelect correct values
7Access Permission Level(tick)

Specified, placed correctly

Select correct values
8Issuing Office (text)(tick)Specified correctlyFill in blank
9Policy Author(tick)Specified, optionalFill in blank, if applicable
10(tick)Specified, optionalFill in blank, if applicable
11Affected Parties (select)(tick)Specified correctlySelect correct values
12Primary Policy Location(tick)Specified correctlySelect correct values
13Policy Keywords(tick)Specified Fill in blank / Create new
14(tick)Specified, optionalFill in blank
15Policy Review Cycle(tick)SpecifiedSelect correct values
16(tick)SpecifiedSelect correct values
17Revision Date(tick)SpecifiedCorrect / Fill in blank
18Approved By(tick)SpecifiedCorrect / Fill in blank
19Approval Date(tick)SpecifiedCorrect / Fill in blank
20Implementation Date(tick)SpecifiedCorrect / Fill in blank


21Section label(tick)SpecifiedFill in blank
22Document keywords(tick)SpecifiedFill in blank


24Formatting(tick)CorrectChange / correct
25Layoutn/aCorrectadd " - plz fix" to the page name
26Site Navigationn/aCorrectadd " - plz fix" to the page name

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