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CITI Requirement

Policy Information

Issuing Office

The Graduate School

Affected Parties

All human subjects researchers seeking IRB approval

Policy Language

Researchers, faculty advisors who have agreed to oversee student research projects, and some research assistants, depending on the nature of their roles, are required to complete CITI training prior to receiving IRB approval. CITI courses have been created for LU departments and disciplines, which include modules specific to the types of research typically conducted.

Courses contain a set of core modules along with a set of electives. Modules consist of written material followed by a short quiz. CITI courses are free to LU-affiliated individuals, but there are fees for participants wishing to obtain continuing education credits. 

CITI is located at To begin taking CITI courses, researchers will first need to create a login. The IRB has prepared login instructions to assist researchers in getting started.

Policy Rationale

Researcher training

Definition of Glossary Terms

None specified

Procedural Information


The IRB receives a completion report from CITI each time a researcher completes CITI training.


Research applications are not approved until CITI training is completed.


DMin candidates

Date of Last Review


Date for Review