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Campus Security Camera Policy

Policy Information

Issuing Office

Office of Security & Public Safety

Effective Date


Policy Owner

Vice President for Security & Public Safety


This Policy is designed to further Liberty University’s commitment to the safety and security of its campus community, while respecting individual privacy. This Policy governs the installation of centralized security camera(s) (“Enterprise Camera”) in public indoor and outdoor areas of Liberty University as well as the viewing, retention, dissemination, and destruction of images captured by those cameras. Enterprise Cameras are those installed in fixed locations throughout the campus for safety or other law enforcement purpose. Enterprise Cameras are not routinely monitored in real-time.

Notice and Privacy

This policy provides notice to members of the University community that Enterprise Cameras may be in use.  Notice of the presence of Enterprise Cameras may also be provided by signage that is conspicuous, noticeable, concise, and readable in the context of its location(s).  Any signage for Enterprise Cameras will not contain any false representations (e.g., will not suggest that they are monitored in real time; will not overstate surveillance coverage).   
Public indoor areas for Enterprise Camera placement do not include dressing rooms, locker rooms, restrooms, individual dorm rooms and other similar indoor areas where individuals have a reasonable expectation of privacy.  Enterprise Cameras will not be installed in such indoor areas where individuals have a reasonable expectation of privacy.  


The Office of Security & Public Safety (“OSPS”) will field institutional requests to install, modify or remove Enterprise Cameras on university property. The Vice President (“VP”) of OSPS or his designee has sole authority to approve or deny such requests. Budgets for such projects must include appropriate provisions for their integration into the Enterprise Camera infrastructure, for the ongoing maintenance and eventual replacement of the equipment, as well as for the operational expenses of storing and managing the recordings. 
The OSPS will oversee Policy development and strategy, including image viewing, retention, and release. The OSPS may consider input from the Office of Risk Management, Office of Information Services, Human Resources, Student Affairs and Facilities and is advised by the Office of Legal Affairs.

Access/Downloading Enterprise Camera Footage

The VP of OSPS or his designee have sole authority to authorize institutional access to Enterprise Camera footage or to authorize downloading or retention of Enterprise Camera footage in any form. 
Authorized OSPS personnel may view and download Enterprise Camera footage for criminal investigation, safety, or other law enforcement purpose.


Enterprise Camera footage is available for authorized viewing and authorized downloading for fifteen days. After fifteen days, Enterprise Camera footage will be erased, written over, or otherwise destroyed unless the footage should be retained for use in any criminal investigation, internal investigation, claim or litigation matter, or is otherwise deemed appropriate for retaining by the OSPS, President, General Counsel, Executive Vice President of Human Resources, Senior Vice President of Student Affairs, Chief Information Officer, Associate Vice President of Equity and Compliance, or their designees. Retention beyond fifteen days may also be required to comply with applicable law, a lawful court order, or subpoena.
Liberty University reserves the right to modify this Policy without notice at any time and for any reason.