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Certificate Completion Requirements

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All matriculated students, whether Resident or Liberty University Online, must meet the same academic requirements for certificate completion. Online certificate-seeking students must have all courses within the certificate successfully completed before being considered candidates for the awarding of a certificate.

  1. The undergraduate certificate requires a minimum of 18 semester hours. Each program differs; therefore, the student must follow the certificate requirements carefully.
  2. Each undergraduate certificate program requires a minimum GPA of 2.00.
  3. To satisfy the requirements for the fields of study, only final grades of C or above, in all certificate courses, will apply towards successful certificate completion.
  4. Students who return to Liberty to complete a second certificate at the undergraduate level must have at least 3 credit hours remaining and must take a minimum of 3 additional hours of coursework at Liberty to qualify for a second certificate.
  5. A minimum of 25% of the semester hours of the certificate coursework must be completed at Liberty.

A Certificate Completion Application must be filled out at the beginning of the final semester before the certificate can be awarded. The Certificate Completion Application is found here:

Policy Rationale

To outline the parameters set forth by the University regarding certificate-seeking students.

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