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Certificate to Another Certificate or Degree Seeking Program

Policy Information

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Registrar's Office

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Policy Language

Online certificate students who would like to either select another certificate after completing one certificate or move onto a degree seeking program upon completion of the certificate must contact Liberty University Online Admissions to apply for readmission to another certificate or degree-seeking program. All courses taken within the undergraduate certificate will transfer directly into the undergraduate certificate or degree program, only if applicable. Students must have at least one outstanding course requirement for the new certificate in order to gain acceptance into that program. Completion of that requirement must be successfully met before the new certificate is awarded.

If a student chooses not to finish the undergraduate certificate and switch to a degree seeking program, a new application must be submitted and accepted in order to proceed to a degree seeking program. Upon acceptance to the new program, the previously earned courses will only apply to that new program if the courses meet the grade and GPA requirements necessary for that certificate or degree program.

Policy Rationale

To ensure that students understand the parameters set forth by the University regarding online certificate students who want to pursue an additional certificate or move onto a degree seeking program.

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