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Credit From Full Time Faculty

Policy Information

Issuing Office

Office of the Provost

Affected Parties


Policy Language

At least 50 percent of the credit hours awarded in any degree program shall be taught by full-time faculty.

Policy Rationale

This policy exists to satisfy SACSCOC criteria 6.1

Definition of Glossary Terms

None specified

Procedural Information


Regular audits are completed to ensure that 50% of the credit hours awarded in any degree program are taught by full-time faculty.


Provost Office notifies Dean of College/School when audit reports that this standard has not been met and necessary steps are taken to adjust faculty assignments to meet the policy.


Requests for an exception to this policy must be submitted in writing adequately justifying the employment of part-time, but qualified, professional instructors to the Office of the Provost, who shall make a final determination.

Date of Last Review


Date for Review