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Data Integrity Policy

Policy Information

Issuing Office

Office of the Provost

Affected Parties

Faculty and staff

Policy Language

Persons or departments seeking data created from internal university databases with the intent to 1) publish the data on a University website, 2) publish the data in promotional or recruitment materials, or 3) send the data to an outside entity such as an accrediting agency or federal/state regulatory body, must first submit a Service Now ticket. Departments approached to provide such data shall not produce and release the data without first receiving a ticket request. The department fulfilling the ticket request must create documentation of the request and the query used to produce the data. The department will catalog the request in the University Data Repository and is responsible for saving all the necessary documentation to reproduce the results.

Policy Rationale

To ensure integrity and continuity of published data.

Definition of Glossary Terms

Data: This policy only applies to data contained within Liberty University databases. This may include information collected through applications, surveys, or other means. The data defined within this policy also include calculated values or statistical results generated from the data.

Procedural Information


Queries used to produce final data must be archived in the prescribed manner For those requesting data: Departments requesting data have the following responsibilities. Submit a Service Now ticket to request the data. The request shall provide sufficient detail to complete the request accurately. Work with the department supplying data to ensure proper data will be received.

Upon receiving data, review results for accuracy to the best of your ability. Publish results to the appropriate locations. For those providing data: After the help ticket request has been directed to the correct department, it will be assigned to an individual.

That individual has the following responsibilities:

  1. Work with the requesting department to have a thorough and accurate understanding of the requested data.
  2. Develop a technique to create the requested data. This will include creation and testing of the technique and verification of the results.
  3. Supply the data to the requesting department.
  4. Close the ticket.
  5. Using the University Data Repository, record the required information.
  6. Follow internal procedures to maintain the necessary information to reproduce the results. This may be contained entirely in the University Data Repository or in other locations as deemed appropriate by each department.


Sanctions will be determined by the Provost on a case by case basis.



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