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Degree Completion Plan

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Registrar's Office

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Once a student has declared his or her major through the registrar's, a Degree Completion Plan (DCP) may be retrieved at The student is required to follow the DCP for the academic year in which the declaration becomes effective.

Policy Rationale

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Procedural Information


Grades of "D" are not acceptable in upper-level (300-400) courses within the student’s major. For certain majors, a grade of "D" is not acceptable in upper- and lower-level courses within the major.

If a major includes directed electives or support courses, it is possible to use them to also meet a general education requirement or a minor requirement. Courses cannot fulfill both a major requirement and a general education requirement.

A student with an already completed bachelor’s degree must take an additional 30 hours or more in order to earn a second bachelor’s degree at Liberty, in conjunction with completing all requirements unique to that degree. The same rule applies to those students who have completed a degree at another accredited institution. Courses may transfer to Liberty from a completed undergraduate degree, but only courses that apply directly to the degree being pursued.


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