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Emeritus Emerita Status Policy

Policy Information

Issuing Office

Office of the Provost

Affected Parties


Policy Language

Criteria for consideration:

Requirements for retired faculty to be considered for emeritus/emerita status include the following:

  1. Ten years or more of service as a faculty member or administrator at Liberty University.
  2. Rank upon retirement of instructor, assistant, associate or full professor.
  3. Significant contributions to the University and to the applicable field of study in the areas of teaching, research or service, or an appropriate combination.

Policy Rationale

Liberty University seeks to honor those who have contributed their lives, knowledge and ministry to training young champions for Christ and who then retire from Liberty University. Historically, universities have bestowed the rank of emeritus/emerita on distinguished faculty for their years of outstanding service. Retired faculty members on whom the University has conferred the designation of emeritus or emerita may continue to be active members of the university community, depending on the needs of their school and the faculty member's preferences.

Definition of Glossary Terms

None specified

Procedural Information


Individuals considered for emeritus/emerita status will be nominated by faculty or administrators of the department where the nominee served or other appropriate administrative unit if the department structure does not exist. Nominees will be approved by a majority of faculty in their department or administrative unit. Once approved, qualifications of those being recommended for emeritus/emerita status must be reviewed and approved by appropriate administrators. Administrators in the approval chain will include the college or school Dean, the Vice Provost, and the Provost.

Honors and privileges:

To foster this continued role and an on-going relationship with the University:

  • Emeritus/emerita faculty members continue to be members of their academic departments and will be listed as such in University directories and catalogs.
  • Emeritus/emerita faculty members may attend and participate in department and university faculty meetings and other activities as before retirement, but without voting rights.
  • Emeritus/emerita faculty members may continue to participate in all ceremonial functions of the University and may march in a position of honor in academic processions.
  • Emeritus/emerita faculty members are retained on all mailing lists that contain information of general interest to faculty members unless they specifically request that their names be removed from such lists.
  • Emeritus/emerita faculty members may retain access to electronic mail in accordance with the Policy on Issuance and Expiration of Accounts maintained by Information Technology Services. Emeritus faculty members who maintain an active computing account with the university will also retain access to the university libraries (including borrowing privileges and interlibrary loan services).
  • Emeritus/emerita faculty members may retain access to faculty privileges at the LaHaye Fitness Center, subject to normal fees for faculty.
  • Emeritus/emerita faculty members may retain access to university parking and transportation privileges, subject to normal fees for faculty.
  • Emeritus/emerita faculty members may retain access to purchasing tickets to university events at a discounted rate, and may retain faculty discounts at the University Bookstore.
  • Emeritus/emerita faculty may audit courses without charge.


None specified


The Board of Trustees, President, or Provost may grant emeritus/emerita status outside of the prescribed procedure.

Initial Approval Date


Date of Last Review


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