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Faculty Portfolio Policy

Policy Information

Issuing Office

Office of the Provost

Affected Parties

All faculty

Policy Language

All faculty members must complete the Faculty Portfolio every year according to the established timeline.

Policy Rationale

Liberty University acknowledges that members of the teaching profession are responsible for updating and validating their faculty qualifications annually. Faculty are also responsible for evaluating their performance and for developing and attaining higher standards of professional competence. Periodic evaluation assists individual instructors in reviewing their performance and provides needed information to enable professional growth and development. These evaluations involve students in the process of course and instructor evaluation. Moreover, evaluations provide supervisors with a basis for performance appraisal, promotion decisions, and budget processes.

Definition of Glossary Terms

Faculty: All residential and online (distance education), full-time and part-time, teaching and administrative faculty

Procedural Information


Timeline for Submission of Faculty Portfolio 

  • Announcement to remind Faculty of deadlines 
  • April 15 – Deadline for all Faculty to certify completed Faculty Portfolio (Faculty CV and Self-evaluation) 
  • April 16-May 31– IM/Chair reviews/comments on all Faculty Portfolios 
  • June 1-30 – Dean review/comments on all Faculty Portfolios

Timeline for Submission of Faculty PROMOTIONAL Portfolio 

  • October 1 – Faculty Member completes Faculty Portfolio for Promotion 
  • October 1-14 – College/School Promotional Committee evaluates Faculty Portfolio for Promotion 
  • October 15-30 – Dean evaluates Faculty Portfolio for Promotion 
  • November 1-15 - Provost evaluates Faculty Portfolio for Promotion 
  • December 1 – Congratulatory letters are mailed from Provost Office


The Office of the Provost will promote compliance by establishing standards in the Faculty Handbook and by monitoring adherence to procedures. Failure to comply with all aspects of this policy can lead to sanctions from University leadership.



Date of Last Review


Date for Review


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