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Faculty Purpose and Responsibilities

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The Faculty of Liberty University shall support the purpose of the University and shall be responsible for imparting to students a liberal education which provides for academic, spiritual, personal and professional development.

Through the Faculty Senate, the Faculty has legislative responsibility with respect to curricula, academic and investigations and prepares recommendations for the Provost for appropriate action. All Faculty action is subject to approval by the Provost and by the President.

The Faculty of the University has the responsibility to provide a wide variety of high-quality courses and degree programs consistent with the varied interests and abilities of the members of the student body and relevant to the changing nature of society. However, academic program development must be consonant with statutory limits, policies defined by the Board of Trustees, financial resources, faculty and available facilities.

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Definition of Glossary Terms

Faculty: All residential and online (distance education), full-time and part-time, teaching and administrative faculty

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