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Graduate Course Substitutions

Policy Information

Issuing Office

Registrar's Office

Affected Parties


Policy Language

Students desiring to use another course in place of a required course must complete a Course Substitution request.

Policy Rationale

To provide a means for students to receive credit for alternate coursework with comparable competencies in an area more applicable to their goals.

Definition of Glossary Terms

None specified

Procedural Information


Course Substitution request may be made when a student wishes to substitute one course for another required course when a clear relationship exists between the two. This request may also be used when an academic department approves a complete replacement for a Liberty course requirement. Students requesting these exceptions must submit a “Course Substitution Request” through the Transfer Suite portal for review. Approval of the course substitution is under the oversight of the Registrar’s Office and the academic department presiding over the required course. Please note that an approved substitution will apply toward the degree requirement(s) but will not change the course number on the student’s transcript. Changing programs or breaking enrollment may invalidate the request.


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