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 Marketing Approval of Qualtrics Surveys

Policy Information

Issuing Office


Affected Parties

All University Departments

Policy Language

Departments may create their own surveys utilizing Qualtrics.

Marketing will need to assist in the distribution of all electronic surveys. Our expectation is that the designated departmental leadership responsible for approving the survey via Qualtrics is taking responsibility for the quality of the survey content.

Policy Rationale

To allow for appropriate ownership of survey generation and analysis to exist in the departments without exposing Liberty to organizational risk by inadvertently decentralizing the functions of the business intelligence office in maintaining an accurate database of university constituents.

Definition of Glossary Terms

None specified

Procedural Information


To create surveys, Departments will need to request permissions for Qualtrics from IT and register for training through the Professional Development Portal. 

To request assistance with survey distribution, Departments will submit a project request via our Marketing webpage for the email, announcement slide or other project that they will be needing in order to distribute the survey. Include the link to the survey in the project request. A project coordinator will contact them within 3 business days to move their project forward.


None specified


Members of the LUO Polling Team are authorized to send survey distribution emails via Qualtrics, provided they have obtained marketing approval by emailing the survey email, including links, to

Date Approved


Date for Review