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Military Deployment

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Liberty University understands the demands placed on today’s service member and we are willing to work with our students when their military duty causes delays in their academic progress. According to military policy for Tuition Assistance, the University must post grades within 30-days of the end date of the course. If military students need additional time to complete their course requirements due to deployments, extended cruises, unit operational tempo, mobilizations, or other duty-related extenuating circumstances, they have two options:

  1. They may contact their professor and request up to an additional 3 weeks to complete the requirements.
  2. Should they need more time, they can request a military withdrawal.

Military students who have received advanced notification orders are required to provide documentation for their military-related absence two weeks prior to the absence when feasible; however, students should turn-in documentation as
soon as the orders are received. Whenever possible, students are required to be proactive by turning in pre-assigned coursework before their military-related absence begins. In the event of a short notice military obligation (e.g.
State Active Duty, emergency mobilization, rescheduled training assembly, etc.), students must notify faculty members as soon as possible. Faculty are encouraged to provide students with alternative deadlines if military obligations predicate the need for short-term absences in online courses. Students are subject to unofficial withdrawals for extended absences.

Military students must notify their Military Education Office of a course Incomplete if they are receiving Tuition Assistance. Incomplete requests and supporting documents may be faxed to (434) 455-1287 or scanned and emailed to, or mailed to: Liberty University; Liberty University Online; Office of Military Affairs; 1971 University Blvd.; Lynchburg, VA 24515.

Policy Rationale

To properly accommodate members of the military who are not able to complete coursework due to an assignment.

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