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Policy Language

Students at Liberty University are not required to complete a minor. Those students in a Bachelor's program who wish to declare a minor, however, are encouraged to contact their advisor to review the requirements for that minor. A minor on the student’s transcript indicates the completion of a block of courses that academic departments have specified as meeting the requirements of their minor.

Policy Rationale

To outline the definition of, and parameters for, a declared minor.

Definition of Glossary Terms

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Procedural Information


Consequently, since the selection of a minor is not a graduation requirement for any major at Liberty, students may use courses required for any given major to also count toward a minor if such courses are required for the minor. Students must earn a “C” or higher in all upper level courses in their chosen minor. At least 50% of the course work must be earned at Liberty University. Minors are not applicable for associate level or certificate seeking students.


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