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Question 1

What is a structure of the Policy space?

Policy Confluence space is built around the original policy structure with added navigation and search features.

Navigation for the Policy page, Section its in, and the entire Policy Catalog is located on top of each page and collapsed by default.

You can expand navigation pages by clicking  >  Show Navigation...

Admin and KB pages have slightly different layout, but all pages in IE space have 3 navigation sections:

  1. On this page
  2. In this Section
  3. Documentation Navigation

 Show Examples...

Collapsed Example:

Expanded Admin Example:

Expanded Policy Example:




Question 2

What is a structure of a Policy page?

Page Navigation:

Default Confluence Options:

  • Blue Confluence Bar is used to navigate between spaces, search, and create new pages within a space.
  • Pages / ... / Section_Name navigation links show you shortcuts to home page (all pages), Parent page, as well as provide you options to  Edit, Favorite, Share and Action Menu access
  • Collapsible Sidebar (gray vertical bar in picture on the left) can be shown by bragging border of the bar to the right (show more) or left (show less / collapse)

Additional features at the bottom of the page:

  • Like feature allows you to "like" the page (and get notifications when its being updated)
  • Label feature is used to search of content (similar to key words)
  • Comment feature can be used to @ mention someone. (they will get the email with your comment)

Custom IE options

  • Show Navigation... add another layer of "at your fingertips" content display / navigation. It has
    • On this page (red)
    • In this Section (blue)
    • whole Documentation tree view sections (green)

Page Body

Policy consists of 2 viewable sections:

  • Policy Development and
  • Procedures for implementation and review




Question 3

How do I search for a Policy?

Search by Page Name

  • If you know the name of the page you are looking for, you can use Search feature at the top of the page:

  • By default, you will see list of recently viewed pages as well as link to see More recently viewed pages.
  • If Confluence search returns no matches in full, it will search for partial matches in the name of the page, then label, then content of each individual page.

Search by Label

Confluence offers search by label option located on Institutional Effectiveness Documentation page:

  • Note that only most popular, not all, labels are shown in each list. 
  • You can use Search bar to find a less popular Label

Read Atlassian Documentation on how to use more advanced search options.




Question 4

How do I save / print a copy of a Policy?

Detailed  step by step instructions on Printing a copy of the Policy can be found on Printing instructions page.

  • For better result, please make sure to export your policy page in PDF format before printing a physical copy of it or sending it over as an attachment. 




Question 5

How do I request changes to a Policy? How do I submit a typo / error report?

good question!!! - need an answer




Question 6

I cant find a Policy Im looking for, why? How do I fix it?

  1. If you cant find a Policy, please make sure the name of the policy or the name of the page where policy is located is correct - and you have permissions to access it.
  2. If you unable to view the policy that exists, please check with Policy Administrator to make sure you have permissions to view it and with your Confluence administrator to verify that your permissions were set correctly.




Question 7

I found a policy, but I cant see it, why? How do I fix it?

If you are unable to view the policy that you can see listed in Documentation tree, this is most likelhy due to mismatched permissions configured for your user.

Please check with Policy Administrator to make sure you have permissions to view it and with your Confluence administrator to verify that your permissions were set correctly.

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