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Non-traditional Item Borrowing Policy

Policy Information

Issuing Office

Jerry Falwell Library

Affected Parties

Library Customers

Policy Language

The Learning Commons Department allows the circulation of technological equipment/devices and other non-traditional items through the Customer Service Center and the JFL kiosk(s). Library users must use their own card when checking out the item/equipment/devices.

Library users are responsible to return the item/equipment/device in the same condition in which it was checked out, and they are responsible for reporting any damages or malfunctions to a library staff member at the point of return. Library users will be billed for overdue, damaged, or lost items. Charges for overdue fines, damaged materials, and lost items are posted to students’ accounts. See the chart in this policy’s procedures for checkout period allowances and fines/fees.

Library users are responsible for deleting all personal files stored on the item/equipment/device prior to returning it. Users are responsible for returning the item/equipment/device to the Customer Service Center (or kiosk), and not in a book drop. Alumni and community users may not leave the building while using the item/equipment/device. The item/equipment/device is available on a first-come, first-serve basis and cannot be reserved.

Library users assume all risk and responsibility in the possession, use, and operation of the circulated non-traditional items/equipment/device. The Jerry Falwell Library is not liable for misuse or injury resulting from the use of the non-traditional item/equipment/device which have been circulated.

Policy Rationale

The Learning Commons Department’s Non-Traditional Item Borrowing Policy outlines the parameters for accessing non-traditional items through the Customer Service Center, reserve areas, and JFL kiosks.

Definition of Glossary Terms

Library Card: Students, faculty, and staff must use their Flames Pass as their library card. Alumni must obtain an alumni card to present alongside their issued library card provided at the Customer Service Center. Community members may purchase a community library card using their credit card at the Customer Service Center for an annual $10 fee. Community members must be 18 years or older to hold a membership or provide written consent from a responsible guardian.

Damaged Materials: A damaged material is an item/equipment/device that is not returned in the similar condition in which it was checked out. Damages include but are not limited to liquid damage, broken screens, cracked hardware, and altered software. Missing components, such as chargers and cases, will be considered damage to the item/equipment/device. If the item/equipment/device is returned and is damaged beyond repair, it will be deemed lost. If an item/equipment/device has not been cleaned after use (e.g. cookware), then the item/equipment/device will be considered one day late as a result of the necessary cleaning by library staff member.

Lost Items: The item/equipment/device is considered lost 7 days past the due date.

Overdue Items: An item/equipment/device not returned to the library by the designated due date is considered overdue. 

Procedural Information


As library staff members charge and discharge the item/equipment/device, they will assess the condition. The library user will also be asked to affirm the assessed condition of the item/equipment/device prior to check out if the item is circulated at the Customer Service Center. Once the item/equipment/device has become overdue, a library staff member will contact the customer to inform him or her of the overdue and/or lost status.


Any item/equipment/device not returned by the due date is subject to fines and/or fees. Students, faculty, and staff are not allowed to borrow materials if fines exceed $50.00. Community members and alumni lose borrowing privileges when a fine is levied and until the fine is paid in full.



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