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Qualtrics Usage

Policy Information

Issuing Office

Information Services

Affected Parties

Students, Alumni, Faculty, Staff

Policy Language

  1. All surveys which utilize the Qualtrics survey tool will adhere to the documented process as outlined in this policy document. 
  2. The Qualtrics survey tool is to be utilized by Liberty University faculty and staff only. If a student or  student group needs to create and submit a survey, they must coordinate that with the appropriate  faculty or staff department such as Student Affairs, Alumni, Student Conduct, etc.

Policy Rationale

This policy defines the method for creating, maintaining and utilizing the Qualtrics survey tool in regards to sending surveys to Liberty University staff, faculty, students, alumni or any other affiliate of Liberty  University.

Definition of Glossary Terms

None specified

Procedural Information


1. Any survey intended for faculty and staff must receive approval from the designated person appointed by Human Resources prior to being sent.

2. Any survey intended for current students by faculty for academic purposes must receive approval from Provost Project Coordinator prior to being sent.

3. Any survey intended for any other audience (including, but not limited to, current or prospective online and resident students, alumni, donors, churches, purchased lists, or any party outside of the Liberty University community) must receive approval from the Marketing department prior to being sent.

4. All survey usage utilizing the Qualtrics survey tool will be monitored for non‐compliance to this policy.

4.1. A report will be developed and run by the Brand Administrator and/or his or her delegates to monitor unauthorized use of Qualtrics.


1.1. Non‐compliance to these documented standards may result in the following:

1.1.1. Removal of an individual’s permissions to the Qualtrics survey tool

1.1.2. Communication of the violation to: The individual employee The employee’s direct manager The employee’s director

1.1.3. Potential disciplinary action and the involvement of Human Resources