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Routing of Programmatic Accreditation Reports

Policy Information

Issuing Office

Office of the Provost

Affected Parties

Deans and Programmatic Accreditation Representatives

Policy Language

Any report (including annual reports) being prepared for an accrediting agency shall be submitted for review to the Provost’s Office, through Institutional Effectiveness, following approval by the cognizant Dean. Such submissions will be made no later than one month prior the agency deadline to allow sufficient time for review and editing.

Policy Rationale

With over 20 programmatic accreditation efforts ongoing, it is important for the Provosts’ Offices to be aware of the status and potential risks associated with each accreditation process.

Definition of Glossary Terms

None specified

Procedural Information


If there is anything in the report that may cause concern for the programmatic accreditor, include a brief summary of the issue when sending the report to Institutional Effectiveness and the Provost.  Accreditation reports shall be sent following Dean approval to Institutional Effectiveness for review at least one month prior to the accreditor’s deadline.  Institutional Effectiveness will review the document and allow the responsible party time for edits prior to submittal to the Provost’s Office at least one week prior to the submission deadline.


As decided by the Provost.


If the review timeliness cannot be met by the preparing program, then an expedited request for review should be made, along with an explanation of the extenuating circumstances.

Date of Last Review


Date for Review