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Seminary Advanced Placement Policy

Policy Information

Issuing Office

School of Divinity

Affected Parties

Seminary Students who meet the criteria outlined in the policy.

Policy Language

Liberty University School of Divinity students admitted to the Seminary may petition the Graduate Transcript Evaluation Office for permission to substitute advanced electives for select foundational courses that are a significant duplication of course content covered in similar courses taken by the student at the undergraduate level.

Policy Rationale

To enable Seminary students with the appropriate background to replace foundational courses with higher level courses in the same discipline.

Definition of Glossary Terms

None specified

Procedural Information


Advanced Placement can be applied if petition meets the following criteria:

  1. Advanced Placement based on completed coursework will be able to Liberty University graduates only.
  2. Liberty University students may only request Advanced Placement for 300-400 level undergraduate courses taken at Liberty University in the specific subject area.
  3. These 300-400 level courses must have been passed with a grade of B or higher.
  4. Only the courses below are available for Advanced Placement  substitution:

    CHHI 520

    NGRK 520

    OTCL 505

    CHHI 525

    NGRK 525

    OTCL 520

    HOMI 500

    NGRK 505

    OTCL 620

    NBST 515

    OBST 515

    THEO 525

    NBST 520

    OBST 520

    THEO 530

  5. If approved, student must take electives in the discipline(s) of the Advanced Placement substitution (Example: approved CHHI 520 substitution, student must take elective with a CHHI prefix).

Students who earned the bachelor’s degree at another institution must take the Institutional Challenge Exam (ICE exam) in order to qualify for Advanced Placement.


None specified



Date of Last Review


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