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Study Tour Faculty Application Policy

Policy Information

Issuing Office

The Graduate School

Affected Parties

Residential faculty

Policy Language

All international academic trips must be approved through the Study Abroad Office prior to finalizing plans, marketing trips, accepting students, or making payments through the application process.

Policy Rationale

In order to mainstream the application process, limit liability and risk, and centralize documentation and paperwork, all international academic travel must be approved through the Study Abroad Office.

Definition of Glossary Terms

None specified

Procedural Information


1. Review the contents of the Faculty Resources page

2. Download and complete the LU Travel Questionnaire Application

3. Obtain Department Chair and Dean signatures

4. Submit LU Travel Questionnaire with attachments to or GH 1837

5. Allow the Study Abroad Office time to review documents and obtain academic administration approval

6. An email will be sent to the faculty leader with an approval or any questions that may need answered

7. Upon approval, faculty leaders will need to review the below information and additional documentation, which participants must complete

8. Marketing and recruitment of participants may begin

9. Faculty leader must work with Study Abroad Office to ensure trip is listed on the Study Abroad Payment Portal

10. All required documentation on each participant must be submitted to the Study Abroad Office no later than one month prior to the trip departure date

11. Questions can be directed to the Study Abroad Office at any time


Faculty will not be able to offer international trips unless approved by the Study Abroad Office. If a trip is planned without approval, it can and will be stopped or terminated at any point in the planning process. Non-approved trips can additionally be made to return home if already departed.