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Undergraduate Course Substitutions

Policy Information

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Registrar's Office

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Policy Language

  1. A Course Substitution Form may be used when a student wishes to substitute a course for a required Liberty course when there is a clear relationship between the two courses.  In this instance, the signature of the chairperson presiding over the department in which the required course is housed will be needed.
  2. This form may also be used when a chairperson approves a complete replacement for a Liberty course requirement within the major or minor for which he/she is responsible.  In this instance, the signature of the chairperson of the student’s major or minor will be needed.
  3. Course substitutions within the General Education core (associate and bachelor’s degree programs) must be approved by the Dean of the College of General Studies.
  4. Students desiring to use another course in place of a required course must complete a “Course Substitution Request” form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office with all required signatures.
  5. The approval of the substitution will apply toward the degree requirement(s), but does not change the course number on the student’s transcript.  A lower-level course which may substitute for an upper-level requirement does not count in the total number of upper-level hours taken.

Policy Rationale

To provide a means for students to receive credit for alternate coursework with comparable competencies in an area more applicable to their goals.

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