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Video and Audio Playback

Policy Information

Issuing Office

Information Services

Affected Parties

Faculty, Staff, Guests

Policy Language

All audio and video that is utilized in public presentations on the Liberty University campus in which the University’s Technical Production team are involved in producing and/or presenting, are to adhere to the documented standards as defined by Technical Production.

Policy Rationale

This document serves to outline the standards for all audio and video utilized in public presentations on the Liberty University campus in which Technical Production is involved in producing or presenting.

Definition of Glossary Terms

None specified

Procedural Information



1. Video standard

1.1. Video must have one (1) second of black at the start and tail.

1.2. All video used on campus must have an aspect ratio of 16:9.

1.3. Video Codec requirements. 1.3.1. All files should be in the original, highest resolution format possible.

1.3.2. DVCPRO HD 720p60 is the preferred Codec.

1.3.3. The following Codecs cannot be used and will not be accepted: ProRes (HQ) Apple HDV

1.3.4. MP4 or M4V formats should only be used as a last resort since these files have already been compressed.

2. Audio standards

2.1. Audio must not exceed -2dB on the audiometer

2.2. Audio should not drop below -18dB (other than the fade in/out at the start and tail), unless it is a silent area of the video

2.3. Compressor settings. These have been found to be a good starting point to use when utilizing a compressor. These settings may not work for all audio fixes, and the threshold may need to be adjusted up or down. These are what are used as starting points in Soundtrack Pro. 2.3.1. Attack: 41.0ms

2.3.2. Release: 86.0ms

2.3.3. Ratio: 3:5:1

2.3.4. Knee: 1.0

2.3.5. Compressor Threshold: -10dB

2.3.6. Gain: 0.5dB

2.3.7. Limiter Threshold: -2dB

2.3.8. Peak: Selected

2.3.9. Limiter: Selected



Any media not complying with this standard may result in that media not being used for its intended purpose.


Football is the only event that requires a different final audio output. The Limiter Threshold should be -10dB.