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Appendix B: Week Zero Announcement Template


Salutation (Welcome to  EDSP/EDUC/###) Include the official start and end date of the course.    

Course Overview: If not included in the Kaltura video, please include a brief overview of the course and what information the students will learn over the next 8 weeks. 

Faculty Personalization: Each faculty member will personalize this section through a Kaltura video and/or introduction. This should focus on the faculty member and can include an overview of the course.  This needs to be updated for every course and every term.    

This course requires the following: 



Background Check: 

Suggested Materials: 

How to contact me: Include email and phone information.  Include pertinent information on how to notate their course and section number when emailing the professor. 

Student Responsibilities: (SME – Copy-paste this section into your Week Zero Announcements.) 

Review the Course Syllabus and Course Schedule.  Detailed instructions on how to submit assignments are found throughout the various weekly Course Content folders. Please read these instructions carefully.  

You are responsible for checking your LU email and the Blackboard Announcement page for updates and reminders throughout the 8-week course.  

It is important to keep up with assignments and log into class regularly. Failure to participate in class assignments for 21 consecutive days could result in a grade of ‘FN’. The ‘FN’ acts as a grade of ‘F’ in GPA calculations, but also negatively impacts a student’s Financial Aid status.  

Course Calendar 


Week 1: Monday, Month Day– Monday, Month Day 

Week 2: Tuesday, Month Day – Monday, Month Day 

Week 3: Tuesday, Month Day – Monday, Month Day 

Week 4: Tuesday, Month Day – Monday, Month Day 

Week 5: Tuesday, Month Day – Monday, Month Day 

Week 6: Tuesday, Month Day – Monday, Month Day 

Week 7: Tuesday, Month Day – Monday, Month Day 

Week 8: Tuesday, Month Day – Friday, Month Day 


Week 1: Monday, Month Day– Sunday, Month Day 

Week 2: Monday, Month Day– Sunday, Month Day 

Week 3: Monday, Month Day– Sunday, Month Day 

Week 4: Monday, Month Day– Sunday, Month Day 

Week 5: Monday, Month Day– Sunday, Month Day 

Week 6: Monday, Month Day– Sunday, Month Day 

Week 7: Monday, Month Day– Sunday, Month Day 

Week 8: Monday, Month Day – Friday, Month Day 

Course Requirement Checklist(SME – Copy-paste this section into your Week Zero Announcements after updating the dates.) 

The Course Requirement Checklist is a way for me to check you into the course.  You must check into class by completing the Course Requirement Checklist no later than Tuesday, Month Day by 11:59 p.m. EST.  You will gain access to this assignment once the course officially starts on Monday, Month Day. Failure to complete this task could result in you being dropped from the course.   

Financial Aid Check-in:  (SME – Copy-paste this section into your Week Zero Announcements.) 

I encourage you to complete your Financial Aid Check-In (FCI) before Friday of this week, so that you are not dropped from this course over the weekend.  

Verse of encouragement or devotional 

Adjunct Faculty: Please personalize this verse/devotional. 
SMEs: Please leave the above note to Adjunct Faculty; however, provide your team with your closure. 

Example I: I Thessalonians 5:18 tells us to “give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”. This powerful verse reminds us to be thankful. One of my friends traveled to China an experienced the struggles of the underground church there, first hand. WOW! How quickly do we forget what we have here! I asked my campus students a question, “What good things have you experienced today?” Granted, this was an early morning session, but most of them said nothing. This absolutely broke my heart. We all take so much for granted. Let us focus on being appreciative for even the little things in life. (Everything from sunshine, grass, flowers, snow, electricity, water, food, bed, home, car, clothes, shoes, a parking spot, etc.….) WOW! This can really be an amazing list! As I personally reflect on these positives, it reminds me not to dwell on the negative events in my life. 

Example IIAs you start a new term, it is important to reflect on prior performances to gain insight and help you set realistic goals for this term.  If you have had prior college experience, what are some of the things you did well?  What are some things that you could improve on?  What are some things you have done well?  What are some things you could improve on? 

If you have a desire to grow, learn, and develop a better sense of discipline, you have to be intentional in your life.  You must seek out intentional choices rooted in action to achieve the goals you set for yourself.  

The last few days, the Lord has been dealing with me about being more intentional – with my personal life, my work, and my free time.  In Proverbs, Chapter 11:1-23, Solomon encourages the wise and gives warning against the wicked.  During this passage, we are shown what a godly life looks like and how to display righteousness.  This passage describes how godly characteristics do not naturally flow from us, but we must constantly battle to make intentional choices to display godly character. 

This week, as you start a new term, what intentional choices will you make to display godly character to your family, your school, and/or your job?  How will you live more intentionally?  Set some measurable goals for your personal, spiritual, and academic pursuits for the next 8 weeks.  Let’s see the Lord work through us living intentionally for Him.  


Example I: Have a super great week and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I am here to help you! 

Example IILet me know if you have questions along the way.  I will be praying for you this week.  I look forward to our journey together. 

Your name