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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the LMS?

The Learning Management System (LMS) is the platform that delivers our course content.  Currently, LUO uses Blackboard to host our course content.  Blackboard would be considered the LMS for LUO for 2019-2020. LUO is preparing for a migration of content to Canvas in the coming sub-terms. Learn more about this transition here.

What is a live course?

Technically, a live course is a course that has been copied from the TEM during the CAD course copy process.  While SMEs to do not see this process, the easiest way to know if a course is live is to navigate to Blackboard.  Once the course populates under the Instructor tab for the semester and term during Week 0 with students enrolled in the course, the course is considered live.

Why can’t I make live edits?

There are numerous reasons for not making live edits in our courses.  Live edits only impact the current section of the course. (See What is the difference between a live course and TEM? for further details.)  This means that the error will continue in subsequent sections until the error is corrected following the right procedure. 

Issues in one course need to be corrected in all sections of the course.  Following the right procedure will ensure the error is corrected without creating additional errors.

Issues in our courses need to be corrected in a quick and timely manner.  Following the right procedure will ensure that the error is corrected in a timely manner for the current term and future terms. 

What is the difference between a live course and TEM?

There are a few differences between a live course and your TEM: 

1) A live course has students enrolled.  In a TEM, no students are enrolled in the courses, even though SMEs will have student access in the shell.  (See What is student access in a TEM? below.) 

2) Live courses populate under Instructor tab on Blackboard for the semester and term, typically on the center of the page.  TEMs will populate under the Non term Courses on Blackboard, typically to the center of the page. 

3) TEMs are copied into the live courses.  If you make a change to the content in a TEM, you impact the content in future live courses.  If you make a change to the content in a live course, you do not impact any content in future live courses.  

What is student access in a TEM?

Student access in a TEM is viewing access only.  It permits a user to view the content, but not make any changes. The TEM is located in the Non-term Courses section in Blackboard.

 What is instructor access in a TEM?

Instructor access in a TEM grants a user permissions to make updates.  When a SME has instructor access in a TEM, the SME should see a small button on the upper right corner of the course screen that permits the SME to turn the editing mode ON or OFF.  When the SME has permission to update the content within the TME, the SME will move the editing button to ON.

Why does changing a textbook take time?

Updating a textbook requires a lot of different departments and impacts more than just academics! 

We are obligated to notify our textbook provider, MBS, at least six months in advance of any textbook changes, so that they can adequately stock for the upcoming terms.  In addition, MBS must update the student website for orders.  CAD must be able to process all textbook changes through our system to ensure that we supply MBS with the correct information.  All of this must occur prior course registration and before you can start updating your TEM. 

Please note: If there is an urgent or emergency textbook need, please contact your Online Chair, as there are procedures that can expedite this process in extreme situations.