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Importance of Due Dates | Course Copy


CAD is responsible for course copy.  This process involves editing any TEMs that SMEs were updating and copying every TEM into every live section for every term.  At this point, this process involves close to 2,000 sections.  As such, this process takes many hands and hours to launch each subterm.  CAD has provided the longest possible time for SMEs to make edits in TEMs prior to starting the course copy process; however, once course copy starts, CAD will remove all instructor access to TEMs. 

Definition of Glossary Terms

Center for Academic Development (CAD): the department responsible for all operational aspects of our courses including course copy, instructional technology, editing, assisting with LMS training, instructional design, and best practices for online teaching and learning.

Subject Matter Expert (SME): mid-level administrators who are content experts for online courses and serve as a consultant for online faculty teaching their assigned course at Liberty University Online.  

Term Effective Master (TEM): a master shell that all live courses are copied from.

Course Copy: The process of copying the TEMs into live sections each term.  This process takes roughly 6-8 weeks.  During this time, TEMs will be unavailable for updates.  All SMEs will be limited to student access only.


Procedural Information, Commentary, and Training

If SMEs do not adhere to deadlines set by the School for updates to TEM, incorrect course content, half-edited content, or worse could get copied into live sections.  Due dates are very important with TEMs.  If you find yourself behind, you must contact your Online Chair immediately.