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SME Role and Responsibilities


Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are content experts for online courses and serve as consultants for online faculty teaching their assigned courses at Liberty University Online. In their roles, SMEs should meet the following expectations:

  • provide faculty support in the day-to-day management of course content
  • provide timely updates to courses based on administrative directives, success rates, faculty and student feedback, current trends, and research
  • meet all University and School/Department deadlines
  • ensure that course content is always:
    • current
    • consistent
    • dynamic

Specific responsibilities of the SME include but are not limited to course management, content expertise, managing and coaching adjunct instructors, collaboration with members of University and School/Department administration, professional development, and reporting. Additionally, SMEs are responsible to update courses when new textbook editions are released, when discipline-specific details change according to current research, when new technology is applicable, and when required by the School/Department and/or University.

This policy commentary will provide further insight specific to the valuable and comprehensive responsibilities associated with the SME role.