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Policy Name:Federal Work Study Program Policy

Issuing Office:

Financial Aid Office

Policy Author:

Vice President of Student Financial Services

Contributing Offices:

Human Resources

Affected Parties:


Location where Existing Policy can be Viewed:

Complete Wording of New or Revised Policy:

Work Study Eligibility:
The first step in the employment process is determining if you qualify for the Federal Work Study Program. 

Qualified students:

  1. Will have completed a FAFSA listing Liberty University’s school code
  2. Will have completed the verification process if scheduled for verification
  3. Will have not declined the Federal Work Study(FWS) program on the FAFSA
  4. Will have received an Award Letter offering Federal Work Study
  5. Will have enrolled in the new academic year

Note: If a student says NO to Work Study on his or her FASFA or leaves the Work Study question blank, Liberty will not automatically award Work Study.  If students decline Work Study on their award letter and later decide that they want Work Study, they must Financial Aid Office eligibility may have changed.  Email work study questions to

Federal Work-Study students:

Federal Work Study is not a scholarship, but an opportunity to earn money for college expenses.  Please note that Liberty University does not guarantee that any student who qualifies for the Federal Work Study Program will be offered a job.  Qualified Work Study students will usually fill most open positions.

Non-Work Study:
There are limited openings for non-Work Study students which includes the dining hall and any religion department International students will be taken into consideration for student jobs since they cannot work off campus and are not eligible for federal Work Study.

Work Study vs. Work Assistant -To verify whether or not you qualify for the Work Study program, please check your ASIST account and view your financial aid awards. If Work Study is not listed on the award letter, you are not currently eligible to participate in or apply for Work Study positions. Please contact the Financial Aid Office with any questions regarding Work Study as the HR Office does not handle that component.
If you have questions regarding the student application process, please contact Human Resources, via email at or by visiting the Human Resources Office between the hours of 8AM–5PM, Monday-Friday. The HR Office is closed Wednesday from 5am-1:m for Convocation. The HR Office is located on the ground floor of Green Hall next to LUPD.

Policy Rationale:

The Federal Work Study policy is in place to ensure proper awarding and disbursements of federal word study funds.

SACS Criteria:

 The Principles of Accreditation: Federal Requirements – 4.7

Other Regulatory Criteria:

U.S. Department of Education

Definition of Glossary Terms:

Federal Work Study Program: Provides part-time employment for undergraduate and graduate students who have financial need as established by the FAFSA.
Title IV: The portion of the Higher Education Act(see HEA) that includes most of the federal financial aid programs.

Policy Keywords:

Federal Work Study, FAFSA, Application

Implementation Description:

Federal Work Study is an offered award based on eligibility as determined by the FAFSA. The Financial Aid Office reviews, awards, and manages the funds through Banner.


Policy Administrators:

Financial Aid Office

Policy Review Cycle:



Process to Apply for Student Employment:
The policy requires that all students apply online at HR Employment Website(in order to be considered for student employment opportunities. You may also access this website from the Homepage( by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the“Employment Opportunities” link. On the left-hand side of the HR Employment Website, click the“Create Application” link and then choose Student Employment Application to begin the application process.  Instructions are located on this screen for creating/completing the application with answers to frequently asked questions.  
Once your application has been completed, you may choose to“Search Postings” and attach your application to as many currently open student positions as you wish.  Department managers will review applications submitted to the postings.  If you are chosen for a job interview, you will be contacted by the hiring manager.  If you are not chosen for a job, your online application status will change to reflect that you were not selected for that position. The HR Office does not provide a status update beyond the one online. Please be patient as it 4-6 weeks for departments to review applications and make interview decisions.

Once you are hired:
If you have been interviewed and selected for a student position, and your hiring supervisor has completed your hiring paperwork, you will receive an email from HR requesting that you complete the Student New Hire Forms.  These forms are located at the Human Resources Website( ) in the Forms Library under the Student New Hire Forms section.  You may NOT begin working in any capacity until you have completed these forms and delivered them to Human Resources along with two forms of identification(i.e., driver's license, social security card, VISA, passport).  HR cannot accept your Student New Hire Packet until your hiring supervisor has submitted your hiring paperwork to HR.
Once the completed new hire forms are received and reviewed by a representative of Human Resources, you will receive a copy of the Student Checklist that is signed by HR to return to your hiring supervisor. This indicates to the hiring supervisor, that you are clear to start working any time thereafter.  Again, you may NOT begin working for Liberty in any capacity until you have submitted a Student Checklist that is signed by HR to your hiring supervisor.
Students are paid every two weeks and are strongly urged to enroll in direct deposit. To enroll in direct deposit, you will need either a statement from the bank verifying your account information or a voided check with the account information. Your account number will be pre-noted* for 10 days after input.  Therefore, you will continue to receive a check until the pre-note process has been completed successfully. *Pre-note refers to the process in which Liberty sends through a zero transaction amount to verify the bank account number is valid. HR will not mail any student paychecks that are not picked up prior to school breaks/holidays. All unclaimed paychecks will remain either with your department or in HR until the student returns to pick up after the break ends. If you will not be able to consistently pick up your paycheck before leaving for a school break/holiday, you may wish to consider signing up for direct deposit to ensure your receipt of the funds in a timely fashion. Students also have the option of having a portion of their check deducted and applied to their student account if desired. 
If you have any questions regarding the student new hire process, please call(434) 592-7330 or visit the Human Resources Office between the hours of 8 AM–5 PM, Monday-Friday. The HR Office is closed Wednesday from am- for Convocation. The HR Office is located on the ground floor of Green Hall next to LUPD.


Students must maintain federal aid eligibility to continue in the federal work study program. If a student fails to meet the minimum requirements, federal work study could be revoked.



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