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Graduate Incompletes

titlePolicy Information

Issuing Office

Registrar's Office

Affected Parties


Policy Language

Students may not do additional coursework or finish assignments after the last day of classes.

Policy Rationale

To account for extenuating circumstances, to provide an opportunity for students to receive credit for coursework completed in spite of an interruption in course progress, and to ensure that students understand the expectation set forth by the University when students are unable to complete coursework by the last day of the class.

Definition of Glossary Terms

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titleProcedural Information


Students who are unable to complete coursework by the last day of class due to unavoidable circumstances such as personal illness/injury or family emergencies may appeal to their instructor for a temporary course grade of “I” (Incomplete). The authority for the decision to grant an incomplete completely lies with the instructor. Denial of the request for an incomplete may include, but is not limited to, the student’s inability to earn a passing grade with completion of the remaining requirements, as well as an insufficient reason for the request. Students must initiate the request for an incomplete directly to the instructor by the last day of class (before the final exam period for residential classes.)

The instructor will establish a new deadline for completion of the remaining coursework, based on the circumstances. The instructor may grant up to two weeks beyond the last day of the term (or sub-term for Liberty University Online courses) for personal medical circumstances.

For extreme personal medical circumstances, a maximum of eight weeks for Liberty University Online courses and 16 weeks for residential courses may be given as long as sufficient medical documentation (from a medical professional) is presented along with the request. However, while the decision to grant an extended medical incomplete remains with the instructor, the request and medical documentation needs to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office. The instructor will be responsible to communicate the remaining requirements, as well as the extended deadline, to the student. 

The instructor will post a final grade within two weeks from the deadline established for the incomplete. If a final grade is not posted within two weeks of the deadline, a grade of “F” will be posted by the Registrar’s Office. A grade of “I” can be changed to a withdrawal as long as the withdrawal is requested by the student within official course dates.

The GPA is unaffected by the incomplete until a final grade is posted after the deadline. However, grades of “I” will count as hours attempted and will negatively affect a student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress.


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