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Undergraduate Repeat Policy

titlePolicy Information

Issuing Office

Registrar's Office

Affected Parties


Policy Language

The Liberty University Undergraduate Repeat Policy is designed to assist undergraduate students in raising their cumulative grade point average by repeating courses in which they previously performed unsatisfactorily and by removing the previous grade from the GPA calculation.

Policy Rationale

To provide a means for students to demonstrate academic improvement.

Definition of Glossary Terms

None specified

titleProcedural Information


Undergraduate students are subject to the following conditions:

    • When an undergraduate course is successfully repeated*, the Undergraduate Repeat Policy will automatically be applied, all earned grades will remain visible on the student’s permanent record, and the highest grade earned will be the only grade to count toward the student’s GPA.  The Registrar’s Office will automatically apply the Undergraduate Repeat Policy at the end of each semester^, including the summer semester, to all eligible courses.
    • On the student’s transcript, the letter “E” will follow the lower grade(s) to indicate that the grade has been “excluded” from the GPA.  The letter “I” will follow the higher grade to indicate that the grade has been “included” in the student’s GPA.  The grades which have been excluded from the GPA calculation will not count toward GPA hours or hours earned, but will remain on the student’s record as attempted hours.  Consultation by the student with the Financial Aid office may be needed to determine how the Repeat Policy will affect the student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress.
    • There is no limit on the number of different courses or retakes in which the Undergraduate Repeat Policy may be applied.  However, there may be a limited number of times that Federal Financial Aid will pay for a course taken and passed (grade of “D” or higher).  It would be wise to consult with a Financial Aid counselor if there are any questions about this.
    • The Undergraduate Repeat Policy will only be used on Liberty University courses that have been repeated at Liberty University.  No transfer credit or credit earned though institutional or standardized testing may be used in the Undergraduate Repeat Policy.
    • The Undergraduate Repeat Policy will only be applied when the same course number/title is retaken, unless there has been a university approved course number/title change and the department confirms that the courses are the same.  Course replacements/substitutions are not eligible for the Undergraduate Repeat Policy.
    • Undergraduate courses in which a grade of B, C, D, F, FN, P, NP was awarded are eligible for the Undergraduate Repeat Policy. Courses which are not eligible for the Undergraduate Repeat Policy are: zero-credit courses, CSERs, and courses with grades of AU (audit), I, M, Q, R, W, WF, X, and Z, or those courses failed due to academic dishonesty. Also, courses that are designed as repeatable courses within certain majors will not have the Undergraduate Repeat Policy applied automatically.
    • Activation of the Undergraduate Repeat Policy for a prior semester will not affect the academic standing or dean’s list award for that semester.  Academic standing or dean’s list in a prior semester can only be changed as a result of an approved grade change.
    • Once a student has graduated, the Undergraduate Repeat Policy may not be used on a course taken prior to graduation to enhance the cumulative GPA which was recorded at the time of degree conferral.  The repeat of a class after graduation could, however, be used to enhance the students overall undergraduate GPA at Liberty. 

*Final grade has been earned and posted
^Including sub-terms


None specified






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