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24 Custom Options

  • Race Schedule Title - Displays above the race schedule


  • Race Schedule
    • Date - The date of the race
    • Is LU the Primary Sponsor? - Displays the LU24 logo beside the race: 
    • Name - The name of the race
    • Location - The location of the race
    • Notice - A message that goes below the location on the schedule: 
  • Race Schedule Options

    • Events Per Page - How many events to display per page in the race schedule.
    • Hide Past Races - When this is set to Yes, races that have passed will no longer display on the schedule.
    • Schedule Poster - When a PDF is set here, it displays the "Download Race Schedule Poster" button
    • Hero Card - When a PDF is set here, it displays the "Download Byron LU24 Hero Card" button

    • LU Sponsored Image - The LU24 image that is used in the schedule when the Is LU the Primary Sponsor? option has been selected.
  • Carousel Gallery - These images get added near the bottom of the page in the image carousel, the images can be reordered by dragging, they can be removed, and you can add new ones by clicking the "Add to Gallery" button.
  • Footer Background Image - the background image used in the footer.

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