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Board/Administration Distinction

Policy Information

Issuing Office

Board of Trustees

Affected Parties

Members of the Liberty University Board of Trustees

Policy Language

The Board of Trustees shall exercise its governing policy-making function through the adoption of Board policy.  Board policy is a policy that has broad application throughout the institution, states the University’s position on a subject matter, and directly affects and enhances the institution’s mission.  Some Board policy may also help achieve compliance with applicable laws and regulations or reduce institutional risk.

The Board of Trustees shall hold the Chancellor/President and his administration accountable for implementation of Board policy, including personnel matters.

The Chancellor/President shall see that all Board policies and resolutions of the Board are administered and implemented under his general supervision. The Chancellor/President is responsible for the adoption of administrative policies, rules and regulations that govern the day to day operations of the University, clarify the roles and responsibilities of administrators, staff, faculty and students relating to a specified subject matter, or provide guidance on procedural matters. In addition to the foregoing, the Chancellor/President shall be responsible for providing focus and direction for the University and for making Board policy recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

Policy Rationale

Effective governance includes clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of the governing board, administration, and faculty and that each of these groups adheres to their appropriate roles and responsibilities. It is important that the overall mission and overarching policies of the institution are approved by the board but that their implementation and evaluation are delegated to the administration and faculty in order to prevent the board from undercutting the authority of the president and other members of the administration and faculty and, thereby, creating an unhealthy and unworkable governance structure. To ensure that there is a clear understanding of separate roles and responsibilities, the distinctions should be delineated in writing and disseminated to all appropriate constituents

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