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Issuing Office:

Liberty University Auxiliary Services

Policy Author:

Senior Vice President for Auxiliary Services

Contributing Offices:

Procurement, Financial Research and Analysis

Affected Parties:

Faculty, Staff, and Student Workers

Location where Existing Policy can be Viewed:

Complete Wording of New or Revised Policy:

Liberty University Auxiliary Services requires all students, faculty, and staff using print resources must adhere to the below procedures.

Policy Rationale:

The policies contained in this document address the management and operation of Liberty University document production assets. These assets include printers and copiers, and some scanning devices; and this effort is part of the effective management of these University resources.

SACS Criteria:


Other Regulatory Criteria:

Enter Other Regulatory Criteria here.

Definition of Glossary Terms:

Cost per Print (CPP)- This is the pricing methodology that the University has adopted for the entire document production system. A print refers to ink/toner/pigments applied to a side of paper.

Fleet- Refers to all of the document production devices. These include all copiers, fax machines, stand alone printers and some scanners, and MFDs. 

LUPS (Liberty Printing Services)- LUPS is the name of the Liberty University-Cobb Technologies strategic partnership. It is comprised of what used to known as Printing Services. The department’s oversight includes all distributed printing as well as outsourced print administration.

MFD (Multi-Function Device)- An MFD is considered to be any network capable document production device that performs at least two of these following operations: print, copy, fax, and scan. These devices capitalize on the existing network infrastructure and provide economies of scale by being able to handle large volumes of jobs. In addition to being able to track document production, MFD’s are capable of accepting commands from print control software such as Pharos. Scan-enabled print/copy MFD’s are part of the University’s overall strategy to provide effective document production services to the University community.

Pharos- Pharos is the name of the company that makes the network print management software the Liberty University uses called Uniprint. Uniprint runs behind the scenes and provides print job identification for all print jobs send to networked printers. This system is the primary enabler of the University printing system and enables the University to accomplish departmental chargebacks and student billing for print charges.

Pharos Print Kiosk- This is a standalone, dedicated computer that runs the Pharos Uniprint software and provides print release control for printers that are in open access areas. These stations are common in student-designated print areas. In the future, these devices will also be able to accommodate copying and print account information lookup.

Policy Keywords:

Printing policy, print policy, printing services policy, Auxiliary services print services policy

Implementation Description:

Enter Implementation Description here.


Policy Administrators:

Auxiliary Services and Printing Services

Policy Review Cycle:

Recommend this policy be reviewed every year or as needed.



At the end of each month, LUPs and Auxiliary Services will compile usage reports for network printing and copying output for each department and will have the Accounting Department charge each organization accordingly. Reports will be sent to the budget manager of each department monthly. Network printing charges will rely on the index code recorded in Pharos for each employee and each employee will be noted by user name on the report. If an employee’s printing is recorded under an incorrect index code, notify Auxiliary Services to have this corrects for the next invoice. Copy devices that are not locked by an access code will be charged 100% of the usage to the organization where the copier is physically located. 

Any department requesting a new device should contact LUPS with a summary of the request. LUPS will confer with the requesting department, Auxiliary Services, Information Services, and other campus operations in order to arrive at a recommendation. LUPS will provide the requesting individual and department the final recommendation. It is within the discretion of LUPS to include as part of the final recommendation the relocation of existing document production assets.

Desktop printers constitute one of the most expensive document output processes that the University currently has. It is part of the overall strategic direction of Liberty University to reduce the total number of desktop printers in operation. While it is impossible for any organization to completely rule out the use of such devices, Liberty University will make the continued operations and acquisition of such devices the exception. In the rare occasion, a department or individual may present a set of extenuating circumstances that would require the University to consider using a less cost effective alternative such as desktop printing. The criteria for these devices are generalized below, but are at the discretion of LUPS.


To order supplies covered in the print charges such as copier/printer paper and toner, orders can be placed using the Document Imaging Supplies Order Form (


To order supplies not covered in the print charges such as envelopes, specialty paper, letterhead, etc., orders can be placed through Staples Print Solutions. Please send an email to Procurement ( with the following information: Name, Username. Building and room number, Phone number, and Index code (not Orgn). Employees with existing Staples Advantage accounts will have the Print Solutions added to their current account. New users will receive an email from Staples Advantage with login information.


Departments are fully responsible for the charges incurred under their specific copy code. Placing copy codes in public access is strictly prohibited. Many copier-enabled MFDs will require a copy code (access code) for use. An access code has been created for every organization in existence as of 6/30/2007. If a new copy code is needed, the department head or designee of the organization should email LUPS with the following information: index code of the organization.


LUPS is committed to the proper operation of all document production devices managed through its operation. If output is deemed to be poor, please ensure that toner is not low and that the setting on the device or driver are correct. Also, please check to see if the glass is clean. If quality problems persist, keep a sample of the output and contact LUPS immediately.

Please note that neither LUPS nor Liberty University is responsible for poor quality output because of user negligence. These issues generally include the following:

  • Releasing print jobs to a color device instead of black and white
  • Ensuring that the proper number of pages is set prior to releasing print/copy job
  • Selecting inappropriate quantity levels on print or copy jobs 

Students who are employed by a department and incur network printing charges on their account may have their account credited for these charges. The student worker must present the manager with a printout of the charges that are work related, which may be obtained from the Pharos Printing report on the MyLiberty Portal. 

One RFC (Request for Check) form can be used to accommodate many students’ charges. Submit a RFC form with Student Accounts as the vendor. Use one commodity line per student, placing the ID number first then followed by the name of the student in the description field. Enter the net reimbursement amount for the student in the amount field. Using the appropriate chart of accounts, use the Printing (712005/SVPRINT) Account for each commodity entered. All other policies and procedures governing RFC’s is in effect, please be aware of them prior to submitting the RFC form.

The RFC form, along with copies of the Pharos Print Detail Report used to justify the request, must be provided as documentation to the Accounting Department. Charges that are part of the request should be clearly marked; please be aware that yellow highlighters may not appear on certain scans or faxes. Write the student ID number on each of the Pharos Print Detail Reports and send them to the Accounting Department by fax (434- 582-7391) or email ( Credits will not be processed unless this documentation is received by Accounting.

A credit will be placed on the students’ account. In the occasion where the majority of the student’s printing is attributable to work, departments may request that the student printing be billed to the department and that the student must reimburse the department for non-work related printing. A Helpdesk ticket must be submitted along with the username and organization code. Departments with student workers that are permitted to bill the department will have their printing audited by username with the department required to confirm compliance for printing reimbursements. This policy includes university employees who receive the charges on their account rather than a charge to the department.



 Up to the discretion of Auxiliary Services Executive Vice President




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Policy Name:

Printing Services Policy

Submission Date:

July 15, 2014

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