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SADA Internship/Practicum Agreement

Policy Information

Issuing Office

School of Visual & Performing Arts

Affected Parties

Studio & Digital Arts students

Policy Language

All undergraduate and graduate student interns must follow the guidelines delineated in the Student Internship/Practicum Agreement.

Policy Rationale

This policy is for all SADA students to follow during their internships/practicums. The overall goal is to give students the opportunity for real world experience.

Definition of Glossary Terms

SADA: Studio & Digital Arts

An internship requires 60 work hours per credit hour.

A practicum requires 30 work hours per credit hour.

Procedural Information


The undergraduate residential student is required to attend at least one Field Experience Workshop out of three offered each semester prior to the semester they intend to take a field experience course. At this time, they will be informed of all policies and procedures with respect to internships/practicums. Additionally, each student receives the Student Internship/Practicum Agreement form within 3-5 business days after attending one of the three required Field Experience Workshops. Graduate residential students and all LUO students locate pertinent information regarding field experience courses from the SADA microsite. These students are prompted to correspond with the Faculty Internship Advisor, Prof. Christopher Phillips, for additional information regarding the Student Internship/Practicum Agreement, field experience approvals, registration deadlines, and registration assistance. Every Spring semester the SADA Department reviews the effectiveness of the policy and its attendant procedures. Procedures are developed and amended by the SADA Department Chair, Todd Smith, and the Internship Director and Coordinator, Christopher Phillips. Field experience policy revisions are submitted to the Dean of the School of Visual and Performing Arts for approval. Compliance with all procedures is mandatory.

See course syllabus and SADA microsite for all guidelines.

UG internship

Graduate Internship

UG practicum

Graduate practicum

The implementation date for this syllabus revision was Fall 2017.


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