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Lost & Recovered Property

Policy Information

Issuing Office

Liberty University Police Department

Affected Parties

All Students, Faculty, & Staff

Policy Language

It is the policy of the Liberty University Police Department (LUPD) to provide for the handling, retention and disposal of recovered property at Liberty University (LU), Thomas Road Baptist Church (TRBC), Liberty Christian Academy (LCA), and related ministries. Additionally this policy applies to all persons who report or find lost, stolen, or recovered property, or wish to claim any lost personal property recovered by LUPD.

Policy Rationale

Policy is required to ensure that recovered property is processed in a manner that is consistent with University policy and in accordance to the legal requirements found in the Code of Virginia.

Definition of Glossary Terms

Finder is defined as anyone who receives, discovers or locates any lost, abandoned or unclaimed personal property on the property of LU, TRBC, and LCA or at other locations owned, operated or leased by the same.

Receiver is defined as those locations at LU, TRBC, and LCA designed as “Lost and Found areas” appropriate for the receipt of any lost, abandoned or unclaimed personal property.

Personal Property is defined as all property except land, that which grows on the land, and structures on the land.

Tangible Personal Property is defined as all personal property that has physical form and substance (i.e., may be felt or touched) except for intangible personal property.

Intangible Personal Property is defined as personal property that includes, by way of illustration, moneys, orders, drafts, interest, dividend income, credit balances, overpayments, gift certificates, security deposits, refunds, credits, unpaid wages, unused airline tickets and unidentified remittances, stocks, and other intangible ownership interests in business associations, moneys deposited to redeem stocks bonds, coupons, and other securities that make distributions; or similar types of property.

Procedural Information


Initial contact processes are required on the part of the reporting individuals within the University community. Field units (i.e., Police Officers, Security Services Officers) and Front Desk Staff are responsible to respond to the event covered by this policy and make the necessary referrals or fill the appropriate reports. Compliance with this policy is monitored through the report review process of Command Staff.


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