Ehrhorn Law Library Use Policy

Issuing Office

Liberty University School of Law

Affected Parties

Law students, faculty and staff; University faculty, and graduate, and undergraduate students; members of the bar, the judiciary, and scholars

All members of the Liberty University community, including faculty, staff and students, and members of the bar, judiciary, and scholars.

Policy Language

In alignment with the mission of Liberty University to develop Christ-centered men and women with the values, knowledge and skills essential to impact the world, the policy of the Ehrhorn Law Library is to provide law faculty, staff, and students of Liberty University School of Law ready access to the library and its resources. Non-law students, University employees, and the public may access law library resources within the given guidelines.

Policy Rationale

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the law library maintains an active and responsive force in the educational life of the law school, while making its resources available to members of Liberty University, the bar, the judiciary, and scholars. This purpose cannot be secured without the guidelines set forth in this policy regarding library use.

Definition of Glossary Terms

None specified


Liberty University faculty members and graduate students may access the law library for legal research by showing their Flames Pass and signing in at the Circulation Desk. Liberty University undergraduate students may use the law library for faculty-directed legal research assignments with prior faculty approval. The faculty approval should be provided to the law library before the student’s first visit. Members of the bar, the judiciary, and scholars may access collections of the law library by presenting photo identification and signing in at the Circulation Desk.


Without a Flames Pass, a member of the University community may not check out materials from the law library, nor may anyone from the Lynchburg community check out materials from the law library without photo identification. An undergraduate professor’s prior approval allows the library staff to collect materials in advance for the convenience of the student. The prior approval also guarantees a law library staff member’s assistance at the time of the undergraduate student’s visit to the law library. Without prior approval, the undergraduate would not be afforded those conveniences. Failure to abide by library policy may result in loss of use of the library facility and suspension of library borrowing privileges. Lost or damaged items will be billed for the cost of replacement.