Study Abroad Office - Picking a Non Member Organization

Issuing Office

The Graduate School

Affected Parties


Policy Language

Students wishing to participate with a non-Liberty approved program must first meet with a representative from the Study Abroad Office to discuss how such a program will affect their student status and the re-enrollment process. Students wishing to return to Liberty after participating in a non-approved program may assume a transfer student status if not pre-approved and may have to repeat the admissions process before enrolling for classes.

Policy Rationale

To ensure students are following department policies and working with an organization that the University deems appropriate.

Definition of Glossary Terms

None specified


Contact the Study Abroad Office for a meeting to discuss potential partnership with non-approved program. If deemed as a good program to partner with by the Study Abroad Office, the office will move forward with obtaining approvals. Once approved, the student will need to follow the normal application process.


Students will not be approved to study with a non-member organization unless first approved through the Study Abroad office. Students who choose to do so will not receive financial aid and will be classified as a transfer student upon return.