IT Personnel Entering Residence Halls

Issuing Office

Information Services

Affected Parties


Policy Language

This policy applies to all IT Personnel who enter residence halls in the act of performing any IT-related task.

This policy will be in effect for all residences halls during these times:

• From August 1 until the Monday following Commencement in May

• If the residence hall is currently occupied for summer housing or any other event

• During all University breaks other than

Summer break (unless occupied as mentioned above)
Christmas break while no intensives are taking place Policy
All IT personnel will adhere to standardized procedures (below) when entering student residence halls in support of IT services.

Policy Rationale

This policy was established to define when Liberty University’s Information Technology personnel are to enter residence halls, and under what circumstances. The existence of this policy helps protect our resident students and IT personnel against accusations of impropriety, as well as defining expected behavior of IT personnel in the act of performing maintenance in residence halls.

Definition of Glossary Terms

Routine Maintenance Hours: Daily from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Emergency Hours: Daily from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM (prior to routine maintenance hours) and 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (after routine maintenance hours).

Blackout Hours: Daily from curfew until 7:00 AM.

Curfew: Varies based upon the day of the week. Curfews are defined and communicated by Student Affairs.


1.  General Directives

1.1.  IT personnel entering a residence hall must always be in pairs.

1.2.  IT personnel entering a residence hall should announce their presence upon entering.

1.3.  IT personnel are required to communicate with the Office of Student Leadership (OSL) or the Housing office prior to entering residence halls, unless an immediate request for service is made by an RA, the OSL or the Housing Office.

1.3.1.  The communication should be documented in the following manner:  If via e-mail (preferred method of communication with OSL), the e-mail contents should be included in the HelpDesk ticket;  If by phone or face-to-face interaction, that communication should be documented in the HelpDesk ticket.

1.4.  All behavior by IT personnel while in the residence halls must be in accordance with the Liberty Way and the Liberty Employee Handbook.

1.5.  IT personnel will not touch or move student belongings in order to gain access to a work area

1.5.1.  The Office of Student Leadership (OSL) and Housing will make every attempt to inform students to move belongings prior to work taking place.

1.5.2.  If IT personnel enter a location where they cannot gain access to a work area, the

HelpDesk ticket will be updated with that information. The HelpDesk will attempt to contact the student or RA three (3) times, with at

least one of those attempts being in the form of a phone call or a face-to-face

interaction and documented in the HelpDesk ticket.  If no response is received after the third contact, then the HelpDesk ticket will be closed and a new ticket will need to be submitted for completion of the work.

2.  Routine Maintenance

2.1.  IT personnel may enter a residence hall during Routine Maintenance Hours only after contacting Housing or OSL staff as outlined in item 1.3 in the General Directives section.

3.  Emergencies (i.e. Lightning strike causing network outage)

3.1.  In the event of an emergency, IT personnel may enter a residence hall after communicating with the Resident Director on-call or Resident Director (RD) of the affected residence hall.

3.1.1.  The Resident Director can be reached by calling LUPD and being transferred to the RD.

3.1.2.  IT can directly call either the male of female RD on-call cellphone.  RD Male – (434) 841-7671  RD Female - (434) 841-7693

3.2.  IT personnel entering a residence hall outside routine maintenance hours must be

accompanied by an RA or RD escort.

4.  Blackout Period

4.1.  IT personnel will not enter a residence hall during Blackout Hours.

4.1.1. This will be communicated to any students complaining about network outages as the decision and policy of Housing, Office of Student Leadership and IT.


1.  Non-compliance to these documented standards may result in the following:

1.1.  Communication of the violation to:

1.1.1.  The individual IT employee

1.1.2.  The IT employee’s direct manager

1.1.3.  The IT employee’s director 

1.1.4.  The CIO

1.2.  Potential disciplinary action and the involvement of Human Resources.


1 Exceptions (Special circumstances)

1.1 Regardless of the time of day, any IT issue or network outage which would adversely affect the health of a student will be addressed immediately. (i.e., a student has a heart monitor that needs to be plugged into network).

1.2 In this event, IT personnel will follow the same procedures which pertain to emergencies.