Branded and Connected IT Services

Issuing Office

Information Services

Affected Parties

Faculty, Staff

Policy Language

1.2.1  In Scope  IT software or systems with a user interface used by anyone other than staff, faculty, or those acting on their behalf, such as consultants or auditors  Development of new software or systems which includes, but is not limited to:  Websites  Web-based or Distributed Software Applications  Mobile Software Applications  Desktop or Laptop Software Applications  Composite Applications; such as Portals or Dashboards  Web-based or Printable Data Reports  Customization of existing software or systems in order to establish a Liberty University branded, themed, or styled IT service that would attempt, for any reason and to any level of effectiveness, to represent the University to the consumers of that service  Any software or system which displays the Liberty University brand to anyone within the population described in regardless of the creator 

1.2.2  Out of Scope  Purely staff or faculty-internal IT software or systems which are those that have a user interface exclusively used by those employed at Liberty University or those acting on their behalf, such as consultants or auditors  Unpublished or otherwise pre-production IT software or systems whose purpose may include:  In-progress Development  Proof of Concept, Pilot, Beta, or Otherwise Limited Population Releases

2 Policy

2.1 Policy Statement

The following outlines the specific requirements of this policy:

2.1.1  All new development of IT services, products, software, or systems within the scope of this policy must be reviewed and approved by the following Liberty University departments prior to release:  Marketing; with final approval by Ron Kennedy or designee  Information Technology; with final approval by Matthew Zealand or designee  Procurement; with final approval by Jamie Hill or designee

2.1.2  It is the responsibility of the staff or faculty member whose behavior is being directed by this policy to understand and adhere to the appropriate process for gaining approval from these departments; therefore, this policy dictates that all participants must comply with the above departments’ processes for gaining approval in as much as they must secure the approval itself

2.2 Specific Concerns

The following outlines the desired outcomes of this policy:

2.2.1  Liberty University Maintains and Promotes the Highest Degree of Professional and Commercial Integrity

2.2.2  Appropriate and Consistent Representation of the University Image, Mark, Brand, and Related Media

2.2.3  Brand and Style Policy and Guideline Adherence

2.2.4  Reuse of Liberty-Owned IT Resources and Assets

2.2.5  Secure and Correctly Represented Liberty University Data

2.2.6  Fiscally-responsible and Strategically-minded Purchases and Investments

2.2.7  Efficiently Sustainable and Maintainable IT and Marketing Assets

Policy Rationale

To ensure that as new IT services, software, and systems are developed, they are only released to the general public after they have been appropriately vetted through, aligned with, and approved according to Liberty University IT and Marketing strategy and standards. Specifically, in order to better manage the mobile applications (see below) developed by various departments and offices, while maintaining a consistent image and branding of the University, the IT department has been assigned to be the administrator and approver for deploying any mobile applications.

Definition of Glossary Terms

None specified


2.3 Guidelines

The following provides suggestions to the participant in order to support compliance to this policy:

2.3.1 Ensure that any third party IT services, software, and system development involves the departments listed in 2.1.1 as early as possible in the process; if possible, even before contacting potential vendors

2.3.2 Keep in mind that impact to even one student, parent, alumni, athlete, etc. represents an impression that should be seen as valuable and is an opportunity to build a permanent and lasting relationship with the institution as a whole, therefore never consider this policy irrelevant to smaller or more targeted groups; each individual matters and every interaction is a potential impact to Liberty University reputation, profile, and reach

2.3.3 Plan ahead; the implications of this policy are obviously time-impacting, therefore do not expect approvals from each department to take hours or days – at a minimum plan, for all of the approvals to take 30 days

2.3.4 IT is a team of highly intelligent and highly capable individuals and participants are encouraged to see this review as an opportunity to take advantage of the Liberty University collective wisdom and capability-set

2.3.5 Contact the policy author or Enterprise Architecture department with any questions unanswered by this document


Non-conformance will be met with enforcement and can be exercised regardless of will or knowledge of the participants; while education is a goal of this policy the targeted outcomes are important enough to demand strict and uninterrupted full conformance.